Carefully Designed to Provide the Best Possible Educational Experience for Young Children.

Goals & Objectives

Children’s Garden is a year-round, fully accredited, state-licensed educational program. The school was founded by Evelyn Moats Munger, an educator, college professor and author of the books, Beyond Peek-a-Boo and Pat-a-Cake and Child Play.


Education in early childhood is particularly important, offering children a first opportunity outside the home to interact with peers and develop a positive attitude toward themselves and others. This is also a time for children to learn important readiness skills that lead to later academic success and personal development. We provide challenging, age-appropriate learning activities that foster children’s development. Our belief is that learning is fun and no one is too young to share that fun.

Our program is a flexible one, encouraging each child to learn at his or her own pace. Children learn by active participation. They are exposed to as broad and as rich an array of experiences as we can possibly fit into each day. When learning is fun, children quickly increase their knowledge and broaden their interests.

Our program is known for its small group size, its planned learning curriculum, both indoor and outdoor, and its college-educated, experienced staff. Presenting readiness skills is both necessary and desirable. All children benefit from early group experiences and opportunities to learn how to make and be a good friend.


Our goals are implemented through a program which combines Art, Music, Math Readiness, Science, Language Arts, and Motor activities with special events and classroom visitors. Structured, teacher-directed activities are planned to integrate all these activities into weekly themes such as Dinosaurs, Senses, Transportation, etc. There are also times for children to play alone or with a small group of their friends. Although infants are very much on individual feeding and sleeping schedules, planned activities are included for them, too.

Children’s Garden has been carefully designed to provide the best possible educational experience for young children. The school is a unique environment designed to maximize the best atmosphere for young children. Each outdoor play environment has also been carefully developed with a tricycle trail, tree house, sand area, playhouse, and large multipurpose climber designed to safely challenge young students.

  • To help children develop into happy, well-rounded, competent individuals with feelings of self-worth and self-confidence.
  • To encourage socialization. Learning to share and to work cooperatively in a group are skills that ensure success in later schooling.
  • To foster a positive attitude about learning and school in an atmosphere where learning is fun and related to the child’s interests.
  • To encourage the child’s curiosity about his or her world and to develop the child’s creative and imaginative talents.
  • To provide opportunities for children to be exposed to readiness concepts in Language Arts and Mathematics, and to build a strong foundation in all basic skill areas.
  • To provide opportunities for development of muscular coordination.
  • To provide opportunities for learning about rhythm and music.
  • To help parents assess their child’s strengths and weaknesses, and fulfill their responsibilities as parents in the most creative ways possible.