Carefully Designed to Provide the Best Possible Educational Experience for Young Children.

In our three year old program, your child becomes more secure and ready for a higher level of challenge. Our 3 year olds have a lot of opportunity to explore and participate in dramatic play and develop language and literacy, creative expressions, and social-emotional skills. A sample schedule includes small group activities, art, math, writing, music, language activities, end stage potty training (if needed).

Your Child’s Day

Your child will learn to recognize letters more in-depth and some letter sounds. They will acquire how to add two groups of concrete objects by counting, and begin to understand the concept of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The students also develop abilities such as counting 1-25, matching number patterns, forming sets with like characteristics, putting together short sequences, and continue to develop fine motor skills efficiently.

Communication with Parents

Parents are able to provide useful information to the teacher in the morning. At the end of the day you receive a daily report with information on your child’s day. The sheet provides specific information on:

  • Diaper changes and potty training
  • Learning activities your child participated in during the day
  • Important reminders of items to bring or other information
  • Group Report summarizing the classroom’s day