Carefully Designed to Provide the Best Possible Educational Experience for Young Children.

Children's Garden is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Parents may choose a two-, three- or five-day program, and each of these programs can be either full- or half-day. The school offers stimulating learning experiences throughout the day, with morning activities in full swing by 9:30.


With the first years of a child’s life being important in shaping their future, health, and development, we recognize that the techniques we use in the early stages to improve our children’s environment can have a profound influence on their minds in the future. Children’s Garden is committed to providing children with a healthy and positive environment at our center.


Children’s Garden understands the benefits of play based learning where children learn to communicate their thoughts, feelings and needs to others, and develop their creativity. Children are invited to play and explore in a secure environment where they can confidently tackle new situations and discover their surroundings.


Children's Garden is a place that feels like "home" for your child. The school is a unique environment designed to maximize the best atmosphere for young children. We offer small groups, with familiar faces, and focus on free play. Children benefit from early group experiences and opportunities to learn how to make and be a good friend.