Children's Garden In St. Davids, PA  is a year-round, fully accredited and state-licensed educational program. It was founded in 1981 and is conveniently located near Downtown Wayne, PA on Route 30. It is readily accessible from the north/south by the Blue Route (US 476).

Children's Garden has been carefully designed to provide the best possible educational experience for infants through five year olds. Located in a spacious Victorian mansion, its high ceilings, sunny rooms and home-like environment provide the perfect atmosphere for young children. Each small group of children and their teacher share a multiroomed learning environment. The outdoor play environment has also been carefully developed with large and small challenging climbers, shady areas with playhouses and a gazebo, and areas for picnics and bikes. There are open spaces for running and areas for sand and water play. All our play areas are within our completely fenced areas.

Children's Garden is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Parents may choose a two-, three- or five-day program, and each of these programs can be either full- or half-day. The school offers stimulating learning experiences throughout the day, with morning activities in full swing by 9:30.

Our goals are implemented through a program which combines Art, Music, Math Readiness, Science, Language Arts, and Motor activities with special events and classroom visitors. Structured, teacher-directed activities are planned to integrate all these activities into weekly themes such as Dinosaurs, Senses, Transportation, etc. There are also times for children to play alone or with a small group of their friends. Although infants are very much on individual feeding and sleeping schedules, planned activities are included for them, too.

Our staff is composed of degreed teachers, committed to the maximum fulfillment of each child's potential. Keeping a low child-to-staff ratio enables our teachers to provide personal and individual attention to each child and family.

During the summer, our program moves outside. The children have the opportunity to enjoy summer fun while the learning continues. Nature studies, camp arts and crafts, special visitors, and water play are just a few of the exciting events that take place during the summer session.

Swim lessons are available for an additional cost, and children may also choose to participate in the preschool gymnastic program that comes to visit. Children continue to receive quality learning experiences while enjoying the summer weather outdoors and our air-conditioned facility indoors.

All children are invited to bring their lunches and enjoy this social time with their friends. We are equipped to warm (microwave) or refrigerate lunch when needed. If utensils are needed, please send disposable ones. The school provides morning and afternoon snacks and drinks. Special cooking experiences in the children's kitchen are also a part of our program.

A  unique feature of our program is the Daily Report that our teachers write for parents each afternoon. We want to share information with you about your child's day and his many experiences. Our staff is always glad to meet with parents.


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